Abuse HTTP Server

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Please report if you find a bug in using this program in http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=323402&atid=1358652

Ver 2.08, 2010-05-31
- Completion of the socket when client disconnect
- Bugs process cookies in PHP
- Adding Function PHPEncrypt for those of you who want to protect your PHP scrypt
- Fix for the upload large files.

Ver 2.07, 2010-05-28
- Adding Content Compress with gzip, Ver. 1.2.5
- Add the settings in Compress Content
- Improvements in the content delivery process (be faster)
- Adding ability to use socket (more stable)
- Improvements to ISAPI Virtual Directory
- Minimizing routing loops in the system
- Add Manifest form for XP and Vista

Ver 2.06, 23-05-25
- Improvements to the variable Redirect_url, PathInfo and PathTranslated
- Module PHP dynamic accessible, to avoid error when not installed PHP
- Improvement of Shell CGI Programs

Ver 2.05 2010-05-23
- Adding Support Activation Partial Content
- CGI to run Shell
- Add protection access files directly from Extension or from the File Definitions
- Adds Support for ISAPI
- Add example program ISAPI
- Add in access.http access files etc. as ISAPI

Ver 2.04, 2010-05-22
- Improvements in the display Directory Index
- Improved process the url rewrite redirect if the file does not exist
- Adding a mime-type definition / Content-Type
- Improvements to the CGI process, on the Form Post
- Adding CGI Example Usage
- Add example of using PHP Upload

Ver 2.03, 2010-05-21
- Improving Access to Virtual Directory
- Adding Manually Configuring abuse.conf
- Adding CGI access to the settings in handler.conf
- Add code to the file used access.http cgi access
- Add examples and use the Internet Directory settings in htdocs\
- Improved writing System Configuration
- Adding ability to access a directory with access.http
- Add index on access.http directory Info

Ver 2.02, 2010-05-19
- Adding a Virtual Directory, go virtual.conf
- Adding a directory access protection with access.http
- Adding Error Redirect error.conf
- Adding Authorization to Directory

Ver 2.01, 2010-05-18
- Changed from version 1.xx
- Changing access to the Multi-threaded PHP
- Change socket method (faster and more stable)
- Add the url rewrite module
- Starting published in http://sourceforge.net/projects/abuse-httpd/
- Support Redirect /index.php/blabla/blabla => redirect to /index.php
- Support Rewrite the url if the folder does not exist /blabla/1/ => Open the file that is defined in the access.http NoDir.

Previous Version 1.xx
- Only used for personal entertainment
- Used for a local server on the company